Genshin Writer | Female | 20s

Mod Experience

The Ultimate AcademyDanganronpaWriting ModComplete2021
Danganronpa Sleepover ZineDanganronpaWriting & Organization ModComplete2021
Danganronpa Birthday ZineDanganronpaWriting ModComplete2021
Stellar Inflorescence: An Albedo x Lumine ZineGenshin ImpactWriting ModComplete2022
Sprout's Rebirth: A Scaramouche & Nahida ZineGenshin ImpactOrganization ModComplete2022
Legendarium: A Fairy Tale & Classical Myth ZineGenshin ImpactWriting & Organization ModProduction2023
棒冰 — POPSICLE: A Chongyun ZineGenshin ImpactWriting ModComplete2023
Quintessence: An Archon ZineGenshin ImpactHead, Org., & Writing ModPreorders2023
Redamancy: A Jean x Diluc ZineGenshin ImpactWriting ModCreation Period2023
Rain and Sunshine: A Fontaine Sibling ZineGenshin ImpactOrganization ModContributor Apps2024

Contributor Experience

Venture Forth: A Rantaro Amami ZineDanganronpaWriterComplete2020
This is my Voice!: A K1-B0 ZineDanganronpaWriterComplete2021
Destination DespairDanganronpaGuest WriterComplete2021
Yes, Chef!: A Xiangling ZineGenshin ImpactWriterComplete2021
Order up!MultifandomWriterComplete2022
FabledGenshin ImpactWriterComplete2022
Ex AnimoGenshin ImpactWriterComplete2022
Teyvat Matchmaker ZineGenshin ImpactGuest WriterComplete2022
Butterfly's Lover: A Hu Tao x Xiao ZineGenshin ImpactWriterComplete2022
FortuneGenshin ImpactWriterComplete2023
Saved File: Khaenri'ahGenshin ImpactWriterCreation Period2023
Meriweather: Anemo Boys ZineGenshin ImpactWriterCreation Period2023
Eternity's Queendom: Ei & Mei ZineGenshin Impact & Honkai ImpactWriterComplete2022
MelodicGenshin ImpactWriterCreation Period2024

  • Previously a Genshin Content Creator for Literature; writing has been recognized as exceptional by Hoyoverse

  • “Lovely to work with. Hardworking and punctual. I would strongly recommend having her!” -Head mod of "The Ultimate Academy"

  • Kind and understanding. Helped make this [zine] an amazing experience… Wish [she] could have been my writing mod for all zines I’m doing.” -Anonymous contributor

  • “Since I brought her on in late 2018 [as beta reader of "An Encore from my Crying Heart"], Animer's always been serious, passionate, punctual, and precise. [She's] extremely valuable.” -Kira

Writing Portfolio

-10 plus years writing experience--over half a million words on AO3-

Organization mod portfolio

3D Pen Creations

Genshin impact


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